Martial Arts

Martial Arts

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Martial Arts

Millions of people worldwide practice some sort of martial arts, and they are getting more popular every day. Training martial arts has a significant number of benefits. It’s good for your physical condition, your mental and emotional health besides, it can teach amateurs about hard work, discipline, using combat and fighting only as last resort. By intent martial arts can be divided in one of three types:

Combat oriented or self defense martial arts,

Health oriented which may teach some aspects of traditional medicine often Asian and

Spirituality oriented which can be linked with religion and be practiced by monks or nuns.


Martial arts are often spoken as fighting techniques that originated from Asia even though the term originally referred to combat fighting arts of Europe. Term Martial arts comes from Latin language and it means “arts of Mars”, Mars is a Roman god of war.

People often decide to practice martial arts because they want to learn how to defend themselves from muggers or other attackers. So here is a few suggestions: Kickboxing is a combat art in which a practitioner uses punches, knees, kicks, elbows and his head faster than attacker can react. Karate is a fighting technique in which the punches and knife lunges are inflicted straight forward not in an arc. Aikido has a few striking moves and it does not require such speed as Karate but it can be much more useful. Krav Maga Is Israel’s national martial art consisting of attack and defense moves at the same time.

Some of most lethal martial arts are:

  1. Muay Thai that comes from Thailand and it’s also know as “Art of Eight Limbs”, it consist of majority of elbow and knees strikes.
  2. Bacom or Vacon is fighting style which is focused on inflicting as much damage as possible to opponent extremely fast, these fights often end up with someone getting killed.
  3. Jailhouse Rock is martial technique that exists in jails all across the USA but there is not much to know about these because they are treated like a mystery.
  4. Vale Tudo or in translation “Anything Goes” is combination of martial arts often found in underground of Brazil, and it has almost no rules, and it’s usually very bloody.
  5. Ninjutsu (Shinobi in Japan) is craft of Ninjas who were once seen as something non-human.

Interest in martial arts was rising after first movies starring Bruce Lee were released , millions of people became inspired by his outstanding performance of Chinese martial arts. Besides Bruce Lee, some of the most influential actors are Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jet Lee and others. Today movie industry makes a lot of action movies and big component of these movies are different types of martial arts, and they attract audience and inspire them to practice that sport.


For some people it’s absolutely impossible to understand that some people like practicing and compete in martial arts, but it is indubitably a healthy and significant way to spend your time. If you choose this kind of activity for yourself, be sure to be careful and have fun!

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